Leader: 10 Unforgivable Mistakes To Avoid

How much you can learn when you fail determines how far you will go into achieving your goals – Roy Bennett


e are all familiar with the quote “nobody is perfect”, and leaders are no exception to it. But still, you can make a try to be perfect by avoiding these mistakes which you would be making unintentionally.

In this article, we are sharing some of the mistakes that you would be making probably being a leader or manager and the possible suggestions to avoid them.

  1. Mailing the matters at hand

It is the most prominent mistake you must be making. We are all used to send the emails mentioning the subject as “urgent” and that too in capital letters. But this is something we must avoid. Undoubtedly, email is the formal way of conversation, but it should not be used for communicating urgent matters. The matters that need immediate action should be communicated face to face or through a means that assures a quick response.

  1. Not taking a stand for your team

It is the biggest mistake which is not even detected easily. A leader has to be with his team in both good and bad times. Most of all, he or she must support his associates when things are going the wrong way. Instead of pointing out fingers or blaming others, the focus should be on finding solutions. If you do not support them getting through bad times, they won’t appreciate you in good times also.

  1. Using WhatsApp for critical communication

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app about which everyone is well- aware. Almost everyone has got this application in their phones. However, using this as a tool to discuss work-related issues, fixing meetings, managing the staff, controlling a team, prioritizing activities or communicating within the organization is the biggest mistake.

  1. Saying ‘Yes’ instead of a ‘NO’

The biggest sign of weakness is saying yes to everything. As a leader, neither it is possible not it is necessary to please everyone around you. You should be willing to take risks. In order to build up your leadership skills, it is imperative for you to learn to say no. If you will say yes to everything it will only lead to a reduction in productivity as by taking up more number of tasks will stress you and you will not be able to attain your objectives.

  1. Fixing surprise meetings

To make a meeting productive, it is very important to have an agenda with the objectives to be achieved, topics to be discussed and participants. One of the mistakes that most of the leaders make is to fix surprise meetings which do not have any agenda and objective. It only leads to wastage of your time and time of your team members. Try to call for only those meetings which are indispensable and assist you in improving your management.

  1. Resisting the changes

The leader needs to be dynamic by conquering the fear of unknown. If as a leader, you get stuck it will only lead to demotivation of the entire team. Try to open up your mind and reward brave attitudes. Also, welcome suggestions and proposals from your workers and team members.

  1. Not developing a proper monitoring system

The role of a leader is that of a team manager. To develop a coordination between the team members, it is important to create different monitoring systems. Proper monitoring systems help in checking the status of every activity and project. The most common mistake that most of the leaders make is that they only ask once in a while about a particular issue. If a department is providing you an occasional summary, do not settle for it. Develop a structure that can assist you in coordinating and examining whether the targets have been attained or not.

  1. Not giving your thoughts enough time

The various activities of a leader include enhancing processes, rectifying inaccuracies, sorting out clashes among the employees and the workers, communicating speedily with the members of the team and many more. To carry out all these activities, it is imperative for you to take out some time for reflection. While executing improvements, if you are not taking out desired time to think before you can act then, this can act as a hindrance. Try to avoid this mistake.

  1. Confusing between delegating and giving orders

As a manager or leader, one more big mistake that you can make is to confuse any task or activity delegation with giving orders to your team members. Whenever you delegate any work to any person that not only means that you trust that person but it also means that you like their method of working. Of course, deadlines should be respected, it should be expected that the other person can also make a mistake.

Avoid these mistakes and become a competent leader.


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