How to create value as a Leader

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration – Robin S. Sharma


o you know what a leader is?
At Hibox, we believe that a leader possesses three main abilities.

  1. motivate people to follow them
  2. inspire people to achieve common goals
  3. guide people towards personal development

Leaders differ from managers because of their ability to bring about change through other people, which is why the biggest challenge facing leaders is the gap between execution and strategy. They understand their vision and the value that it brings to their organization, but this doesn’t always translate to employees. And for this reason, you need to create value.


Leadership involves balancing the needs of all stakeholders; desires of employees, expectations of management, and overall vision of the organization. A good leader uses these to maximize value when making decisions – a s a leader, the decisions you make should involve everyone’s perspective.

Company Culture

The only way to bring about long-term success and organizational change is with the employees themselves. To create a strong company culture, you need to have a deep understanding of your employees, and nurture a workplace environment where ideas and thoughts flow freely. When employees see the value that they contribute, it will foster engagement and drive performance which will align their views with the company vision.


This applies to you, and to your employees. Leadership begins with the establishment of values and ethics you want to portray as a leader. This will influence their behavior and inspire them to develop as colleagues and individuals. It will help to increase company turnover rates, aid in succession planning, and most importantly, establish an environment of continual improvement.

Value-Creation Processes
  • Ensuring individuals have access to skills development opportunities
  • Constantly clarifying and communicating their vision
  • Creating a work environment to gain insights and ideas to solve problems and improve strategies
  • Ensure that there is accountability for all actions and behavior

While implementing these ideas will will help you on the path to create value as a leader, they are a means to an end. Do you know what the most important part of leadership is?
Communication. If you make assumptions and base decision-making solely on your perspective, you will not be a leader — you will be a manager.
At Hibox , we value strong, free-flowing communication. Our software is a combination of internal chats and task management this enables us to maximize our productivity because everything is integrated into one platform. When you eliminate all the unnecessary time-wasters like downloading tools and emailing back-and-forth, you can focus on collaborating with your team in real time.
It makes it easier to ask questions like: ‘Do you have any innovative ideas for a new project?’, ‘What can we improve on this sales presentation?’ Or for team members to motivate each other with words of encouragement.
To create value as a leader, you need to destroy the barriers that stop you from influencing your peers. Build relationships with your colleagues and your team – show them you are invested in their future to create an atmosphere of trust and respect . Ask them for their opinions. Trust them with important projects. Whether your team is remote or not, with something like Hibox you can exchange ideas and opinions through chats, or even with videoconferencing.
videoconferencing screenshot
On our Hibox blog, we write about productivity, task management, and general tips to maximize efficiency at work and keep your team focused. But being a leader is not only about making decisions and following tips. It’s about being open-minded and looking for opportunities to grow and develop. When you build relationships and create communities, you will become a leader that knows how to create long-term value.


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