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Five Tips to Increase Your Office’s Productivity

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow

Maximising your office productivity can be a case of changing the facilities around your team. There are many elements you face when trying to increase your workforce’s efficiency and you may just have to delve deeper than that figure-covered spreadsheet with unchangeable data. As you seek to increase the productive antics of your workers you may want to look into renovating the office scenery, office supplies, layout and many other elements of your domain. The environment in which we work in holds a massive influence on our output and our general mood.
Five tips on creating a productive office:

1. Organisation

It’s important to put in place systems and procedures. However unorganised you are at home, you should be sure to apply more thought to your process at your workplace.

  • Separate your papers into different categories using different folders, binders, folders, letter trays and pockets. Make each document accessible and safe with different sections and categories making it quick and easy to put your hands on the information you need.
  • Reminders, because it can be so easy to get overloaded with information and work tasks meaning you forget some of the duties that are essential.
    You could get a big whiteboard for the whole team to read and post-it notes for individual use.
  • Be sure to have all of the essentials such as notepads, pens and other office supplies. You will be able to get all these products for cheaper than you think when you use discount codes for brands like Staples.

2. Harmonise The Work Environment

Construct a workplace sure to deliver the most office productivity, this means a place your workers can feel relaxed and not one they will resent

  • Incorporate different plants, wall-art and other features. The décor of your office can directly affect your mood, so it’s vital that you create a nice space free from clutter, eyesores and noise pollution.
  • Get yourself some pictures of cities, famous locations or scenic views.
  • Place plants in the workplace. Studies have suggested that plants increase happiness and productivity.
  • Get a spacious desk with various storage options.
  • Decorate the office in a lighter colour to brighten up everyone’s mood.

Adding to your office or workstation is an easy task that provides you with unbeatable results. It will be well worth you implementing some of these ideas to create a happier work environment and in-turn multiplying office productivity.
You can embrace many of these changes for cheaper than you think by getting your desk or wall art with Homebase. You can put up a New York City canvas or other suitable pictures.

3. Create Team Spaces

Many people like their own space. They have specific organisation in their workspace or on their desk, that most suits them.
That’s why it can work well to have a work collaboration space where workers can get together and put their ideas into place. This way people are ready to focus on teamwork projects with a chance to get away from the monotony of the same old seat and same old desk.
Try to incorporate a place you may hold meetings or other combined work.
This is a great way to bring forward an idea, as everybody spends their time developing plans. This is where the magic happens, you may have had a plan or idea that was fantastic but needed another perspective to help you nurture it, well that’s where these rooms or spaces come in handy. Referring back to step one, you may want to implement some of the organisation here too; a whiteboard is a great way for everyone to put their ideas together.

4. Equipment

Reliable and fast equipment is a must; no one likes having to wait for their internet pages to load or their laptop to crash during critical work. Be sure to get computers, laptops and other equipment capable of hosting the work you do. It’s no good taking a short cut and being found out, as it is not compatible with the nature of your business. If your business is in the technical market then you may wish to invest in good laptops, Macbooks and tablets. Your workers will therefore be in a better mood and capable of working as fast as they like without interruptions from struggling technology.

5. Office Layout

There have been several studies conducted that back the thinking behind the layout. It changes behaviour, attitude and your general mood. So don’t cram everyone into a tiny space, but with that said make sure people aren’t too far. This is when our steps interlink, use a bright colour to create a sense of spaciousness and desks with storage solutions. You may wish to add a number of storage solutions with trays, cabinets and /A4 Clear Top Drawers/.

You can also tune into the positive vibes from the likes of Smooth FM and other radio stations to provide the perfect background noise during worktime.


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