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Social Media Trends for 2019

The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people. – Jon Ronson

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”S” font=”Dancing Script” background_color_class=”otw-blue-background” size=”large” border=”border” border_color_class=”otw-silver-border” shadow=”shadow”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]ocial networks have become business tools long ago. There are sales, invitations for events, tuning out from competitors and even manage reputations of the companies. In addition, there goes a total fight for a customer, who is offered everything: from dancing puppies to branding quests.

How not to get lost in the lump, to stand out on the background of competitors and interest of a potential customer? To begin with, one should know the most perspective Social Media trends and be able to apply them in practice.

1) Longreads return

Longreads return, which is long publications. People began to read in social networks again and, if a material is not interesting, they are ready to swallow a long post. It does not mean that you need to rebuild a content strategy and write exceptionally longreads, simply add them into a content plan and track a reaction. Facebook, for example, allows doing it in its service Instant Articles, where a user is able to view articles from different web-resources, without linking to the page of a third-party website.


2) Digital Influencers

«Digital Influencers» having millions of subscribers, receding into the background and «Micro Influencers» takes the place, having approximately 50-150 000 of subscribers. First of all, they have more alive and kind audience, secondly, their services are cheaper, and engaged for fraction of the price. Thirdly, an audience is not so willing to follow the advice of celebrity, knowing that recommendations of a yogurt or a restaurant are paid.

Last year, federal trade commission sent over 100 warning letters, in which it asked the most famous influencers to identify clearly in what relations they are in with brands, they write about. Put bluntly, as in social media, to define an advertising content. It is not glossed over influencers-hundred-thousandth.

digital influencers

3) The famousness of streaming grows

Accordingly to Social Media Today, 85% of users on Facebook prefer watching streams, but not TV transmitting. In addition, streams are more often like, share and comment. Such a popularity speaks about the desire of people to jump to conclusions on their own, but not trust materials of journalists and commentators.

Undertaking structures saw a benefit in such a behavior. For instance, Nike, displaying streams from sports events to its subscribers, gathers a huge audience. Facebook also has a keen sense of the pulse of an already created Live API, which is an application allowing to stream through FB on any devices.


4) There are increasingly more chatbots

A chatbot is a program, fulfilling functions of an interlocutor in a messenger. It can simply keep the dialogue open; answer the most frequently asked questions, offer goods and services. In accordance with LivePerson inquiries, the company, studying communications with clients, only 19% out of 5000 asked are negative about chatbots, 48% were indifferent, while chat bots helped them to solve problems,33% were positive about chatbots. The digits show, that in the near time these programs can totally replace live operators, at least in messengers.

5) Interactive content is more in demand

A person, who is active in social networks regularly, is fed up with images, videos, аjokes, and quotes; it requires a new type of content, such one, which plays a passive role instead of active. It is seen to be a growing popularity of quizzes, inquiries, tests. Active engagement of a user in a game is beneficial for a company. First of all, a person associates it with satisfaction; s/he got from a game and a victory. Secondly, a good quiz or interesting puzzle has a virus effect.

6) Highlights Stories

Instagram is not developing dynamically only, however, and tries to do it not despite, but considering user interest. For instance, stories format was processed and added. In particular, subjects can combine stories. It makes a life of a user simpler, first of all, who can choose what is interesting for him/her, without spending time for secondary moments. Secondly, it allows a company to differentiate their messages, saving the time of a client and making life simpler. For example, entering a page of a restaurant, you can go to the menu or to the interior, without looking through all the photos, searching for the needed ones.

7) Shopping Tags

Again, innovations from Instagram, which included trademarks in the stories, for USA and Europe only so far, but is going to reach out Russia just as well.

What is «Shopping Tags»? It is a special tag, clicking which, a user links to the goods page, where images, description, cost and a link to the company`s website are given. It seems like the complex of services when a potential client is able to view the goods, services, sticking around one`s favorite social networking websites, becomes a stable trend. For example, there is a separate social network in China for quite some time now, where users not only communicate but do shopping.


8) IGTV platform

Something that was talked about long ago happened in summer 2018. IGTV platform was launched, which allows uploading videos up to 60 minutes into Instagram. However, usual, unverified accounts will be able to upload up to 10 minutes long videos only. It is significantly more than a standard minute. Service goes through a major testing so far, Russian «Instagrammers» complain that one is able to upload 10 minutes only video even from a verified account. Moscow was not built for one day either.

9) Video content

At the same time, there is a tendency to decrease in a video in news feed. A short video, where a trainer shows in detail how to do one exercise, gets more views and likes today than a 1-hour workout record. This points to the fact that users want to receive important information for a minimal amount of time. Thus, this is what makes vlogs popular, showing different «lifehacks».

According to the forecasts, in 2019 video content will take up to80% of all the Internet traffic. Within this context, companies should think about how to create truly interesting and useful videos, both in traditional and in IGTV-format.

10) Blogs and Personal Pages

Keeping blogs or personal pages by the business owners gain popularity. It is done in order to add a human face to a business. It is very difficult for a user to perceive a restaurant, car service, confectioners shop, as something human, but easy to perceive its owner. Humanizing a service, it is made more understandable and close, meaning deserving trust.

One more, psychological this time is your desire to look into someone`s life. Social networks give an excellent opportunity for that. What we see within the business`s owner, we carry over the business, which is why a personal account should not proclaim иideas, completely opposite the goals and mission of the company.

11) Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality keeps on blurring the boundaries between our and digital worlds. Many brands already use this technology, allowing demonstrating its goods to customers more effectively. For example, Plac application, developed for IKEA allows a customer to see, whether the chosen furniture will fit in the interior of your place.

In general, there are huge horizons in augmented reality. Facebook already adds AR-tools in «Instagram stories». In addition, Snapchat allowed brands to create Snap Lenses of its own, in which AR-elements have not entertaining, but a business function leads to the order page. Nike used it at once and received an excellent result, Air Jordan sports shoe lot рwas sold out for 20 minutes.

Augmented Reality

12) Strategic planning and complex approach

If several years ago, 3 touches were required, to get a potential client, 5 are needed now. It signifies that a person should get information out of 5 sources, to get interested. Which is why one of the 2019 trends will be a complex presence with thoughtfully degassed strategy. Instead of a race to subscribers and likes in all online networks, it is going to be required to pick relevant to the sphere of business platforms and tools, who will attract the attention of your customer to buying the goods/services. One cannot be limited to social networks only, a user should see you on other channels of communication just as well: a website, email, messengers, contextual advertising, advertising in the video, digital social media and so on. In light of this, it will be worth remembering, that for each business a mix of communication channels is required. For example, real estate is better to sale through blogs and analytic content on Facebook, and Teddy bears fit right on Instagram.

As you can see, nothing mega breakthrough is not going to happen in 2019, in general, the ideas of previous years, which give a good account of themselves, are finished working and improving. It does not mean, however, that SMM caught on and remained. There are many surprises in our world, one should be ready for.

The key SMM trend, available for viewing in 2019, is a bigger level of «humanizing», both content, and working methods. Platform firing does not bring expected effect anymore; one should learn the dotty use of tools and various mechanics in online networks, with the aim to receive a measurable result, in the form of a profit markup, but not the number of likes.


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