How project management software are useful for marketing teams

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. – Morihei Ueshiba

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”D” font=”Dancing Script” background_color_class=”otw-blue-background” size=”large” border=”border” border_color_class=”otw-silver-border” shadow=”shadow”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]igital marketing is all about team efforts. You are dealing with copywriters, proofreaders, designers, programmers, accountants, and so many other professionals. It’s safe to say that collaboration is the keyword here, which best sums up all marketing efforts in the simplest way. Collaboration would imply a stream of ideas and information being constantly exchanged.
To keep everybody’s efforts in sync, to maintain teamwork and to make collaboration a success, there is a need of a unified system. Otherwise, confusion among workflow would make optimal utilization of resources really hard. Thanks to project management software available in the market, now teams can give shape to their efforts without too much of confusion.
Take a look at how a project management tool can make work life easier and more productive for digital marketing teams

Gain real time visibility

What’s the new marketing plan? When is the next meeting going to be held? What’s happening in the marketing department? With a project management tool, you can get answer to all these questions.
All activities and the entire workflow get centralized. Everything is easily trackable be it performance of the team and the progress made by them. With just a few clicks of the mouse you have an overview of whatever is currently going on in the department. Gain useful insights on the overall progress to see whether the tasks and milestones are getting completed on time or not.

Makes efforts comprehensible

Working in teams is not tough. The tough part is keeping everyone’s efforts in sync so that no one stays out of the loop.
Time is a precious commodity. So much of this precious commodity is wasted while going through the reports, deciphering information just to stay aware of everyone’s work status. A Project management software solves that problem by letting you see the bigger picture. You have everybody’s work performance report in one enclosed system. Which tasks are assigned to whom? How much of the work is completed? And, how much is still in progress? You can view all that in one go that makes things effortlessly comprehensible.

No more confusing email threads

Announcing a new company policy or for applying/sanctioning leaves. Emails are fine when you use them for stuff like this, something that does not involve a long dialogue between people. But, when it comes to dynamic conversations like discussing a project roadmap, emails simply fall flat.
Just figuring out who should reply to whom in a confusing email thread is a task in itself. Conventional meeting are a solution, but that may not always be feasible considering most teams are dispersed these days. Besides, physical meets consume so much time. This is where project management tools fit effortlessly into every organization’s culture. As the perfect alternative to emailing, these tools bring everyone together so that people can share their views in real time. Ideas are shared in a neat and organized manner. And, there are no more confusing email threads that make you feel lost.

A centralized system for documentation and data storage

Documentation often proves to be a life saviour for marketing teams, where reporting and documentation form the lifeline of entire effort.
With a project management software, you have one common space for storing all the project related information be it reports, worksheets, flowcharts, images RSM’s etc. You become more organized and aware in terms of what information is stored where. Documentation no longer remains a chaotic situation; it becomes the basis and fundamental style of managing projects. Besides you end-up having written records of everything, whether it is online discussions, minutes of meetings, reports, or even some digital assets like images, etc. So, you can use the stuff in future as well.

Compare past vs. present efforts

Is the current marketing plan successful? How do you know whether your current marketing efforts are really reaping any benefits or not? The only way to assess its effectiveness is to compare it with marketing strategies from the past.
It’s always good to know which of the marketing practices from the past proved efficient and which of the current practice are not doing so great. With a project management software, you’ve got all the data from the past documented in a central space. So, comparing the results of marketing strategies from the past vs. the present becomes relatively easy.

Track and record time against all the efforts

Time management is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Knowing where your time is being spent and how it is being utilized across work spectrum can prove to be the decisive factor between success and failure of the project.
With a project management software, you can track time spent on each task; which tasks are moving at snail’s speed and which ones have been completed on time. This paints a clear picture of the overall progress in the project. So, you can plan things accordingly.
A project management tool that works to unify your team’s collective efforts will surely spike-up your team’s performance. If you are not using one for your work, then it is high time you give it a serious thought.


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