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Startup troubles? Here’s why you need a Project Management tool

Every founder starts on a path – hopeful and optimistic, full of desire to build something that helps change the world for the better, reshape an industry, and hopefully become independent, both metaphorically and financially. Business, much like life, is not a movie and not everyone gets to have a storybook ending – Om Malik, Founder of GigaOm

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”A” font=”Dancing Script” background_color_class=”otw-blue-background” size=”large” border=”border” border_color_class=”otw-silver-border” shadow=”shadow”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]ccording to statistics published on Small Business Trends, over 50% of small businesses fail within first four years. The statistics also says that out of the all small businesses, which were started in 2011, only 4% were able to survive in their second year. On the other hand, 3% reached their third year and 9% their fourth year successfully. And, only 3% were able to make it to the fifth year.
Among all the reasons behind the business failure, incompetence was found to be the biggest contributing factor. Well, it isn’t surprising! Today, there’s cut throat competition in every industry. So, being an entrepreneur, you need to make extra effort to survive this competition and always come up with new ideas.
Another important thing that helps your business right from the day one is the use of advanced technology to plan everything out. The more you focus on incorporating latest technology in your business, the easier it gets for you and your employees to keep up with current industry requirements.
When it comes to a startup, a project management tool is the best gift from technology.

Access all the project information in real time

Getting every project-related information in real time is a challenge in project management. And, when team members don’t get to know about their tasks and other information at right time, your project can lose its track.
So, it’s important for every individual in a team to know about their roles, responsibilities and, other activities and events in real time. A project management system does this job for you. It lets you plan your entire project and define each task in detail. So, you and your team members get access to any information at any point of time.

Get rid of messy email threads

Many teams out there exchange emails to collaborate. But, it should be a big no when managing projects. When you communicate by exchanging emails, it gives rise to a long email thread. Further, it gets pretty painful to find a piece of information in that email thread. So, it not just leads to confusion but also wastes your valuable time in the search.
But, a project management software with collaboration feature solves this problem as well. With the software, you don’t have to exchange emails for communicating as it lets you carry out discussions online. An advanced software with group chat feature makes communication even more efficient and faster.

Keep an eye on progress of tasks

While handing a project, it’s a must to keep a bird’s eye view on each and every project task so as to run your project on right track. A well-defined task lets you know every aspect related to it. For instance, who is going to complete it and by which date it should be finished.
As soon as your team members get to know about their tasks, you can start tracking the progress made in them. Here’s how! A team member can update his/her completed tasks, along with the time spent on them, in the tool. This way you can constantly track the progress of a project.

Store your data safely

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life” – Christina Scalise.
The above quote tells what we have been hearing all along our life. Yes, keeping things organized is certainly a challenge, but meeting this challenge can save a lot of your time and keep you stress-free. The same approach is required while running a business.
When you have a project management system, there’s no need to worry about storing project data organized and safe. Upload every project file or document into the tool and ask your team to do the same. This way, you will be able to keep all your stuff organized and safe at one place.
So, this is how a project management tool like ProofHub, helps to keep your business on track and saves you from a lot of project-related issues. It’s high time to invest in this wonderful tool to make your business flourish.


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