Project Management Myths

Debunked: 9 Project Management Myths

The P in ‘PM’ is as much about people management than it is project management – Cornelius Fichtner


f you have the leadership skills and you are working as the project leader or manager, you must have to face different situations in different level and phases of your project management, although you know that project management isn’t easy task to do, you need to be motivated, more concentrated towards the requirement of the project, and much clear about the vision and goals of that project that you have to achieved in your project timeline.
However, with project management, there are some myths which are with it from very long time in the mind of project management team and sometimes believing over those myths can have the most negative effect on your project goals as you tend to believe over your project management myths.
But one thing every project manager or project team should know about these myths are just illusions. Here we are going to discuss those project management myths:

  1. It’s Not About People But The Process
  2. This myth is ancient in project management when project manager of the team start to believe that project management is all about the process and system that management follows to reach their project goals, but it’s just myth because without good project team reaching the project goal is impossible to complete in mentioned timeline.
    A good project management team is best for conducting and achieving most productive and successful projects, else it depends on the type of project that you are doing either is business of it information technology project and then you need a good team with good processes.

  3. Project Management Is Paperwork
  4. Well, the second myth among the business people is that project management is just paperwork but it not true the myth is debunked because project management can be outdoor or technical or more psychical than just paperwork.
    Although paperwork is part of project management processes the team has to design the entire project vision mission goals and the timeline over paper it also includes the practical implementation of the project.

  5. Facts And Figures Are Important
  6. Some project managers work on their perception and this is one major myth, working on perception is project managing will bring surely failure, because in project management the facts and figures are more important than anyone’s perception and intuitions, it’s the criteria of being more rationale and practical and completing the task in the timeline.
    Although a good project manager will pay more focus on good facts and fiction, wait for what? Fiction yes, apart from figures fiction can navigate the managers and project team to diverse organizations change and the fiction will guide them about the outcome of the project.

  7. Project Management Certification Is Must
  8. People believe that project management can be accomplished by anyone but it’s nothing but a myth because in the project there are some situation in which you can get stuck badly and the only way to get off from such situation required the professional skills and effectiveness.
    This is why the professional project management certification is a must-have for any project member or project management career oriented person.

  9. Project Manager Orientation
  10. Well many believe that the project manager doesn’t need to understand the total requirements of the organization, just the mentioned project task, but it’s not true and it’s a myth; project managers need to be more strategic than any other person in the organization as he has to look for futuristic strategies of the organization he is conducting project for and depends on the project time and according to those strategies he has to mold the project.

  11. Collaboration Is A Must
  12. Many team members believe that face to face collaboration is unnecessary and time-consuming part of the client’s organization but it is a myth, the more detailed information you can have with the client’s organization the more it will be easy for you to understand the requirements of the project.
    Face to face collaboration with the employee will give you more details about the organizational environment to the project management team and it will be much easier for the team to make the appropriate vision and define the goal.

  13. They Customer Should Know What They Want
  14. It is a myth that customer should know what they want, but sometime in Information Technology projects the client has no idea about the software development, so he makes and fantasizes the most unrealistic goals about the project.
    It is the duty of the project team to define and make the most suitable and profitable project design for the organization after knowing their requirements about the projects.
    And client by itself has no idea about the vision and the goal of the project, so after team completely understands the requirements, it will be the responsibility of the project manager and his team to give the briefing about the project vision, goal and final outcome.

  15. Failure Is End Of The World
  16. Some project managers believe that if the project will fail or disapprove after its deployment, it will be the end of their career. It’s not like that; it’s purely a myth because in such cases you know where you lacked and you can improve the project again.
    The project team is an oath to provide after deployment services to the client, and sometimes it also not the team but the client who can’t understand the project and runs it incorrectly, mostly in information technology projects.

  17. Once Project Begins It’s Not Going To Stop
  18. Another myth is once the project is started it not going to stop, well there are possibilities where client organization cannot keep it up with the project due to a business crisis in the organization if the projects get cancel in between.

It happens many times with many project managers that sometimes the client thinks about something else of project outcome and in between when team designs the project outline and gives the briefing about the project, the upper management change their mind.


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