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Scientific Resource Management: The Role in the PMO

Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed. – Peter Drucker

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”T” font=”Dancing Script” background_color_class=”otw-blue-background” size=”large” border=”border” border_color_class=”otw-silver-border” shadow=”shadow”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]he process versus product debate sees no rest. And luckily for project managers today, methodologies like agile that work on making processes as product-centric as possible are effectively bridging the gap between the two. Yet deadlines are missed, quality is not always as good as you want it to be and project managers often don’t know where they are going wrong.

This can be attributed to the fact that even as project management has picked pace in this race, cycles like building and sustaining efficiency are yet to be regulated through a scientific process. This very cycle is resource management. Resource management refers to the scheduling, utilization and future allocation of resources onto different organizational work such that resource utilization is at its optimal best even as you derive maximised productivity.
Resource management, when tied into the workings of project management, helps you achieve more with less. Built on the strength of visibility, optimisation, scientific utilization and forecasting, each methodical step you take begins to reshape itself such that it gives you the most of your money, your time and your efforts.
Here’s how resource management transforms your operations:

1. Resource Management gives your schedule the gift of sight

Complete visibility of all your resources and projects is a lot more than mere accessibility of information. It refers to the ability to draw details as and when you need to. This data must reflect real-time information, take account of the fact that schedules are subject to change and allow different stakeholders to use this information without having to pore over numerous reports. Visibility gives you access to mine your own data and spend your precious time on making decisions that are of larger consequences.

2. Resource Management gives your employees the right tasks

Given today’s acute competition, it is likely that you put your best efforts in making sure that you hire highly skilled employees. But, most often, they are not given tasks that extract their true potential. This means, despite having the capacity to deliver specialized products in shorter time frames, you settle for generic results and comfortable timelines. In this light, the transparency of your schedule and the provision it gives you to sift through data is of paramount importance.

3. Resource Management gives your productivity the boost of optimisation

Long hours and productivity share a strange, love-hate relationship of sorts and its brunt is unfortunately felt in work cultures that take extended hours for productivity. While working overtime to meet deadlines is unavoidable at times, it is in no way the measure of your success or productivity. Whereas, optimal utilization takes account of productivity in terms of a measure that sustains in the long run and lets employees explore the full spectrum of their skill sets. It lets you make the most of their time while they get to enjoy what they do. Overall, you’ll have a workforce that has your back, in good times and bad!

4. Resource Management gives your reports the power of insightful data

Peter Drucker’s ‘What is measured improves’, is one of the most futuristic remarks ever made. Being able to measure all your resource parameters goes a long way in not just measuring your present success but also in writing future success stories. You also need to be intuitive enough to draw valid conclusions about planning for your future projects and shape your capacity accordingly. Forecasting can no longer be instinctive. It must be driven by insights that are data-driven and drawback to real-time information that you can find in your database.
Resource management when integrated into project management creates efficiency from within your workforce such that your projects steadily begin to get more and more profitable. What are some of the resource management strategies that you have been following? Write to us and lets us know in your comments!


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