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Agile Scrum adopted with an Online Project Management Tool

Innovative ideas aren’t generated in structured, authoritarian environments but in an adaptive culture based on the principles of self-organization and self-discipline.

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”I” font=”Dancing Script” background_color_class=”otw-blue-background” size=”large” border=”border” border_color_class=”otw-silver-border” shadow=”shadow”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]n an effort to make their team more effective, companies use a wide variety of approaches. After years of applying all manner of different methodologies, agile scrum has come to the surface, due to its effectiveness.
With agile scrum methodology, the productivity of entire teams can be significantly improved, and with the development of different online project management tools, applying this methodology has become even easier.
To get a better idea of how this can be done, let’s take a look at what agile scrum is and what roles the different project management tools play in its application.

What is agile scrum methodology?

The main reason why scrum methodology is so successful lies in the fact that all of the team members are equal. Every team member understands how important they are, as each separate task that someone completes is an important piece of a much larger puzzle.
Scrum methodology has a unique structure. First of all, there is the business owner, or a client, depending on the field of work, who provides the whole team with ideas about the product he or she wants them to create. In scrum terms, this person is called the product owner. He or she provides all the details about the project, which also includes what the final product should look like.
A team that uses agile scrum methodology is effective due to its organizational capabilities, as the whole project development process is carefully planned. So, let’s take a closer look at the entire process.

Project development process

project development processOnce the product owner provides the team with a clear idea about the product, be it software or hardware, the team starts the planning process. In scrum methodology, the ideas provided by the product owner are also known as the product backlog.
During the planning process, the team works together to create a plan and an approach that will let them create sprints, during which the set tasks are going to be finished. The result of planning is a sprint backlog, which details a series of tasks to be completed and shows which team members are going to work on them.
A sprint usually lasts from a single week, up to 4 weeks. The length of a sprint depends on the size of the team and the complexity of the project. During the planning process, each sprint represents a milestone at the end of which the product is tested for its reliability, functionality and its implementation capabilities.
Once the sprint starts, all of the team members know their tasks and actively work on them. Every single day during the sprint period, the whole team, including product owner and scrum master, hold a meeting at which every team member showcases what they have worked on and finished the previous workday.
Also, during this time, team members indicate whether they are going to face any problems in accomplishing their task. The meeting last no longer than 15-20 minutes, and the sprint is then continued. These meetings are the key that helps the scrum master get better insight into the progress of the project, and whether it is going to be finished in the given time.
The scrum master is what many people connect to a project manager, however, in scrum methodology there is less power, as that person is not perceived as the team leader. Their role is to protect the team by carefully creating tasks that suit particular team members perfectly. The primary role of a scrum master can be closely compared to that of a teacher or a mentor.
They are responsible for reminding the team members of their obligations and helping them with anything that is going to make the whole team work faster. Therefore, the scrum master determines how long a sprint is going to last, depending on the capabilities of team they are working on.
Once the sprint is finished, the product owner takes a look the results and in what state the product development is. It is during this period that new goals are picked for continued development and changes are made in the product backlog for future reference.
Also, a retrospective meeting is held, at which the product owner, scrum master and the whole team take a look at the past sprint, talking about possible performance improvements. Once this process is finished, the scrum team continues onto another sprint, and the cycle is repeated until the whole project is finished.
The power of scrum lies in the empowerment of every single team member and in impeccable communication on a daily basis, allowing the team to function in unison, resulting in high efficiency and productivity.

How does an online management tool fit in?

online management toolThe online project management tools are perfect for task distribution, which fits perfectly into the agile scrum methodology. When you take into account that the whole tool is online-based, with enough effort, it is possible to stick with scrum methodology, no matter where your teams are located.
Also, project management tools are great as they provide an easy way to share documentation, files and other project elements, bringing team members much closer to one another. Communication is made easy as well, which is of high priority in the scrum methodology.
The best way to apply scrum methodology is to present the whole plan in the project management tools, and share the list of tasks with all the team members. As a scrum master, once you have communicated with your team, assigning and following progress becomes significantly easier. When you add the daily meetings, finishing a project within a given deadline becomes less challenging, as the software tool provides incredible insight in the overall task progress.
Over time, a scrum team using a project management tool can become even more efficient, as their communication and collaboration is going to be significantly improved.
As you can see, the application of agile scrum methodology with online project management tools works naturally. Once the sprint is created, managing assignments, exchange of documentation and files and communication become greatly simplified. The software provides a clear overview of sprint progress, making it easier for the scrum master to manage the team successfully.


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